Omar Al-Faruq primary and Secondary School is in Adado District in Central Somalia and the Current Galmudug State capital city.

The School is one of the bigest schools that is constructed and run by Iftiin Education and Development from 2008 till present. The School Pupils over 800 formal school students in which 35% of those students are girls and over 300 evening adult education classes. Over 250 students graduate from Omar Al-Faruq Primary and Secondary School evry year, who go for further education either in the Capital City Of Somalia ( Mogadishu) or to the neighbouring countries like Sudan,Uganda and Turkey.

Omar Al-Faruq Primary and Secondary School has basic  IT lab, a science laboratory equipment and library which needs to be upgraged and moderanised.

The School has sports team but still lacking most of the sporting facilities including the field to play and all other equipment related and asking whoever can assist us to do so.