Annual Dinner 27th December 2012

The Annual Dinner this year was held at Chaudry’s Buffet Restaurant, Edmonton.

Iftiin Education and Development would love to thank all the attendees and the well wishers who took apart in this year’s fundraising Dinner.

Your contributions in deed take us along away!

We would also like to congratulate once again the award takers for the individual contributions they make towards IFtiin. These awards were well deserved. First and foremost Ladan Express for the financial Contribution through out the year; Gudiga Gabdhaha for the massive fundraising project they carried out for the success of  Godinlabe Hospital; Mohamed Wali for the International Volunteer of the year; Mohamed Nur for the Local volunteer of the year and Abdihafid Siyad for his continued hard work and excellence in the local community through out the past 5 years!

Iftiin Education and Development is looking forward to seeing you all again in the Upcoming annual dinner for 2013. WE do appreciate your kind donations however small.

Remember a Pound here may be worthless but a pound in the here after is a lot, so please continue donating and help us fund our projects.