Iftiin Education and Development in 2006 decided to intervene the education of Somalia since the most Somali academic and professionals left the country due to the prevailing insecurity and economic reasons, Iftiin decided to contribute the filling of this gab by providing the children with free and accessible primary and secondary education. In the light of this strategy, Iftiin focused during the initial phase of its establishment on the promotion of education which was seen as urgent needs of the community in target areas.

Since its inception Iftiin carried out a number of rehabilitation programs in education, water and sanitation and food security sectors in collaboration with other international organizations and Somali community.

The main reason behind Iftiin’s intervention was one they have seen how bad people in Somalia are suffering from a range of social constraints such as lack of access to basic education, higher education, vocational trainings and health services etc.

Consultation made with the local authorities, school parents by Iftiin revealed that this problem will have negative impact if the children of Somalia did not get quality education which can give them bright future and can stop them to join local violent militant and piracy groups.

Iftiin realised that if this problem is not urgently addressed, it is quite possible that many youths will either emigrate from the country searching for better future in abroad countries or will join with the pirates who currently harbored in certain nearby areas in Central Somalia Similarly, problem will discourage many families hailing from the areas who are planning to return their children from the foreign countries.