Iftiin Education and Development deliveries Vital Medical Equipment Supplies to desperately needed medical equipment to some hospitals in South and Central Somalia in the hope of saving thousands of lives. The equipment is used directly for patient care. In some cases, replace equipment which has ceased to function through age, in all cases it enables staff to better care for their patients, extend the services and treatments available, and support the provision of high-quality care to mothers and infants in Central Somalia.

Many more Clinics in Central Somalia are in desperate need of medical equipment to ease the suffer of pregnant women and children whom sometimes sadly die because of complications in pregnancy and also experience serious health problems after birth. 

Iftiin is also planning a project to provide a mobile clinic for several villages in the region to help the neglected communities in Central Somalia. The health facilities of this region and Somalia in general are staggeringly sparse, with severe shortages of medical staff, medicine and even anesthetics for operations. Iftiin needs your contribution to continue doing such a noble causes.