Iftiin Education & Rajo’s Vital Medical Supplies reaches Central Somalia Region

This project came about collaboration between Iftiin Education & Development and Rajo Association; our partner in Switzerland, the project’s aim was to deliver desperately needed medical equipments to 3 hospitals in Central Somalia in the hope of saving thousands of lives. 

The equipments will be used directly for patient care.  In some cases, they will replace non-functional equipments; in others, they will supplement existing equipments.  In all cases, it will enable staff to better care for their patients, extend the services and treatments available, and support the provision of high-quality care to the mothers and infants in Central Somalia.

Iftiin & Rajo Medical Supplies to Central Somalia

Iftiin & Rajo Medical Supplies to Central Somalia

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People in Central Somalia are in desperate need for healthcare equipments.  The greatest victims of this population are pregnant women, who cannot reach a hospital when they give birth.  Many pregnant mothers sadly die from pregnancy related causes; and hundreds experience serious birth related complications.  We are hoping this medical supplies and the opening of Godinlabe District Hospital will alleviate some of the suffering. 

Furthermore, Iftiin is also planning a mobile clinic project for several villages in the region to tackle this problem and help this neglected community. The health facilities of this region and Somalia in general are staggeringly sparse, with severe shortages of medical staff, medicine and even anaesthetics for operations.

We are rapidly providing food, water, medicine, education and crucial support to poor families and millions need help.

We urgently need more funds to reach them so please give generously and help us send other equipments and supplies.  Iftiin believes in building the education infrastructure to enable the local community to better help themselves and stand on their own. 

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