Literacy and Numeracy Campaign Programs

Iftiin carries out Adult Literacy campaigns in the Mudug and Galgadud regions of Central Somalia from 2012 till present. The aim is to put an end to illiteracy in local communities where there had never been schools before. The first campaign was such a success that it has been repeated each year since 2012.

The Program is implemented by Iftiin teachers and high school student volunteers and work in the selected villages to teach adults basic skills in reading and writing in the Somali language as well as basic numeracy every year.

The classes are entirely free of charge as the project receives funding from Rajo Association in Sion Switzerland and Comic Relief UK.The Project duration most of the time takes 6 weeks and teaches nearly 2300 adult students to gain basic literacy and numeracy skills.

The literacy campaign is going to extend to include children in 2017, with the involvement of the staff and students of the Teacher Training course in Adado. Through the literacy campaign Iftiin is able to consult with the communities, build up trust and a belief in education which prepares the ground for future schools.