Qurbani Projects:

Qurbani is an act of charity that takes place during Eid al Adha. Qurbani is an obligation upon every competent adult Muslim male and female who has posessions above those necessary for daily living. The beneficiaries of this project are people in most in need in the villages visited by our staff on the ground. 694 of the poorest and most needy people received help and local people reported that they never had such a project for the last two decades.The Project is funded by Muntada Aid UK in a yearly basis and some Iftiin Donor Members as well.(We Ask Allah to Reward them all)

Iftar projects

Iftar projects aim to provide food to those needy families in Somalia in the Month of Ramadan who might otherwise go without. As Our Prophet (PbU) said: “He who provides for the breaking of the Siyam (fast) of another person earns the same merit as the one who was observing Siyam (fast), without diminishing in any way the reward of the latter.” (Tirmidhi).

We ask Allah to accept our deeds and help us provide Iftar for our Muslim brothers and sisters each year. Iftar projects have had a direct impact on our communities most in need. Iftiin is very grateful it has been able to do this project which benefits over 1000 families each year mainly in Fuqaraa and Masakiin, with many thanks to all our contributors.