What we do

Iftiin Education and Development believes that Education is fundamental Human Right and every human being has a right to have access to Quality education equally, making sure all parts of people are included like boys and Girls, Young and Adult, disabled or Minority groups.

Iftiin provides different forms of education Including formal Primary and Secondary education, Teachers Training Diplom courses, Literacy and Numeracy courses to people in rural areas and Also some vocational courses to make sure all parties of our communities are included.

Iftiin enables young people in Somalia to gain an education that leads to better employment prospects, improved health and ultimately social transformation for them and their families.

An important part of Iftiin’s success lies in its communities participation and acceptance because of the many years of continual work demonstrated to the people in Central Somalia that Iftiin is here to stay and seeks only to serve and help local people. Because of this trust, Iftiin can implement projects that external agencies would not be able to do on their own easily and if they do, it may be costly inefficient but instead Iftiin created many international  relief organisations partners  to carry out many different projects together including shallow well digging, equipping a mother and child clinics, building a hospitals and running a food and clothing distribution programme to internally displaced people.

Iftiin’s work still has a long way to go because the civil war led to the departure from Somalia of an entire generation of professors and teachers and this has had a devastating impact on the Somali education system. Iftiin is proud of its achievements over the last nine years and is looking ahead to developing and extending its services. Iftiin’s schools are giving Somalis the education necessary for the challenges that they will face as Somalia develops its economy and society after years of civil war.